Tips on Choosing the Right Headstone Marker

Whether you’re choosing your own headstone way ahead of time or you need to pick one for a recently departed loved one, picking a marker can be a stressful process. Most families like to have at least a plaque in honor of their loved ones, to memorialize them and give people a specific place to visit. In addition to your own preferences, you’ll need to consider budget, cemetery regulations and choosing a reputable maker. Here are our best tips on choosing the right headstone in Goldsboro, NC.

Types of headstones and materials

There are several different types of headstones: flat markers, which are set flat into the ground, upright headstones, which is most common in popular culture, raised top flat markers and kerbed markers, which are full-length, flat monuments.

Headstones can come in several different materials, but bronze and granite are the most popular modern choices. Both are incredibly durable (unlike traditional marble), and hold up well even in the most extreme weather. Stainless steel is also becoming more popular, but that’s a fairly new development.

Generally, you should avoid choosing marble and limestone. Although beautiful and traditional, they can break down quite a bit over time.

Choosing an inscription

Most people at least put the deceased’s full name, birth date and death date on the headstone. However, you’re certainly not limited to those details. Some people choose to add religious verses, while others add information about the person’s family, profession, beliefs and more. It’s a way to remember your loved one’s personality and accomplishments long after they’re gone.

In addition to a written inscription, many headstone makers will engrave or etch photos, logos, illustrations or other images on the marker. For example, lambs and angels are popular for small children, while modern headstones might include an actual photo of the deceased. It’s up to you whether you go this route, but finding an excellent designer will ensure you’re happy with the end result.

Consulting with the cemetery

After you have a general idea of what you want, you should talk to the cemetery where the deceased will be interred. They may have regulations about height, width, inscriptions and materials that can affect your selection. You’ll also need to ask about their installation services. If they don’t provide headstone installation, you can usually find a local company to do the job, but remember to take this into account when you’re considering your budget.

Putting it all together

The last part of choosing a headstone is to consider all of your selections and determine how they’ll fit into your budget. Headstone and funeral costs can add up quickly, so remember, there’s no shame in choosing a more conservative option. Your loved one will still be honored no matter what you pick.

For more help on how to choose a headstone in Goldsboro, NC, get in touch with the compassionate professionals at Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations today. We can help guide you through this challenging process during your time of grief.