What Is a Cremation Niche?

Deciding what to do with your own or a loved one’s remains is rarely a happy subject, but knowing what you want can spare you a great deal of time and grief during an already stressful period. When you’re considering burial options, you may want to consider cremation and a cremation niche in Goldsboro, NC. This is often less expensive than traditional burial, but still gives relatives and friends a chance to visit a physical location.

Read on to learn more about cremation niches and their benefits.

What is a cremation niche in Goldsboro, NC?

If you’ve ever been to a mausoleum or columbarium, you’ve seen a type of cremation niche. These can be buildings or simple walls to hold a person’s cremated remains, whether they’re in an urn, box or other container. Some have glass fronts, while others are permanently interred behind stone or a metal plaque. Many have places where you can leave flowers, photos or other mementos.

Cremation niches can be indoors or out, depending on the columbarium or cemetery you choose. When you’re researching cremation niches, it’s worth asking the proprietors what kind of options they have, as well as any regulations regarding what can be put on a plaque or left at the niche.

What does a cremation niche cost?

Typically, cremation is more affordable than traditional burial, but some people have religious or personal beliefs that prevent them from requesting cremation. If there are no such factors in your situation, the average niche will probably run anywhere from $750 to $2,800, depending on location, size and whether it’s indoors or out. If you have to buy the niche after your loved one has passed, you can expect it to cost around 25 percent more.

When you research cremation niches, ask the proprietors what the cost includes. In most cases, this should cover the property itself, upkeep, inurnment and the names and dates engraved on the urn or plaque. Ask if there are additional fees for holding a service, labor and more.

Why consider a cremation niche?

Unless you have specific beliefs that prevent cremation from being a possibility, considering cremation is a good idea. For example, many cemeteries in the United States are already full, especially in busy urban locations. That means cemetery plots are getting increasingly expensive and harder to come by.

Another good reason is when you live in an area like New Orleans, with a high water table that prevents burial. Since cremation niches are above-ground, there’s no concern about flooding and other water-related issues.

Finally, cremation niches still provide a physical location for you and your loved ones to visit. If you and your family find comfort in visiting a loved one’s final resting place, you’ll have plenty of opportunity—especially if you choose an indoor niche.

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