Five Things to Do with Cremated Ashes

More and more Americans are choosing cremation instead of traditional graveside burials. Cost is one driving factor behind the shift in attitude toward cremation, as traditional funeral costs continue to climb. If your loved one has chosen to be cremated, here are five creative options for honoring their cremated ashes.

Interment in a cremation niche

One of the most common and practical ways to provide a permanent memorial for a loved one is by purchasing a permanent cremation niche, or columbarium niche, to store the deceased’s cremated ashes. Niches are the small receptacles within a columbarium that contain ashes. While niches come in various sizes, they are all large enough to hold the ashes of at least one person. Interment of ashes in a cremation niche is a popular way to memorialize a loved one because the columbarium provides a place for family and friends to pay respects and grieve, similar to visiting a grave.

Store them at home

Another popular option for memorializing a loved one is by storing their ashes in a special spot in your home. There are many beautiful urns and other receptacles that provide an attractive way to store a loved one’s remains. In some cases, family or friends of a deceased person choose this option until they decide on other options for permanently storing remains, including interment in a niche or wearing them as a piece of jewelry.

Create wearable art

Keep your loved one close by at all times by creating memorial jewelry with their ashes. You can place ashes into small containers that are worn in small pendants and turned into a necklace. Another option is a cremation ring, which is a smaller, more subtle keepsake that has a small urn built into the ring base. Cremation jewelry can be a beautiful and treasured keepsake for your family, helping you and your relatives look back on moments in time and commemorate the life of someone important to you.

Create sculptural art

You can also use cremated remains to make beautiful cremation glass art that catches the light and provides you with moments of reflection for your loved ones. This is a relatively new memorial concept that’s increasing in popularity and provides endless options for you to create a truly unique memorial that captures the spirit and memory of your loved one.

Become part of the sea

If your loved one has expressed a desire to be one with nature after their death, an interesting way to do that is by using cremated remains to make a manmade memorial reef. The ashes are mixed with concrete and poured into a mold that’s placed at designated memorial locations along America’s coastline. It’s a beautiful and unique way to memorialize someone special in a memorial reef that provides habitat and protection for a variety of ocean life.

Whether you choose to use their cremated ashes to memorialize your loved one with a cremation niche or a piece of memorial jewelry, it’s important to figure out the right way to honor their final wishes. Contact Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations for more information on creative ways to commemorate the life of a loved one.