How to Properly Pre-Plan Your Funeral

No one likes thinking about their mortality. Nevertheless, it’s usually a good idea to plan your funeral in advance. This will allow your loved ones to properly grieve without having to stress out about funeral arrangements.

A lot goes into planning a funeral, and it’s especially hard when you don’t know the deceased’s exact wishes. Not only will planning your own funeral take away the guesswork for your family, but it’ll also ensure your funeral plans are carried out to your desired specifications.

There’s a lot that goes into pre-planning your funeral, including choosing a Goldsboro, NC burial site, deciding on speakers and more. Read on for everything you need to know about pre-planning your funeral.

Think about funding

Funerals can be an expensive affair. You don’t want the entire financial burden to rest on your family, so consider saving some money for your funeral. There are also insurance policies out there that help cover funeral costs. It’s best to ask your insurance company about a pre-need plan for exact details, although most will cover funeral and burial costs.

The good thing about investing in a pre-need plan is that you don’t have to worry about costs going up before your funeral. A pre-need plan allows you to lock in the cost of your funeral and will cover any price increases that might happen over the years.

Burial or cremation

Make sure your family knows whether you want to be buried or cremated. When pre-planning your funeral, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Cremation, for example, is usually much less costly and allows your loved ones to either keep or spread your ashes. However, many people would prefer to be buried in a coffin. Being buried also allows your loved ones to visit your gravesite whenever.

Deciding on a gravesite

Pre-planning your funeral offers a great opportunity to choose the perfect gravesite. Many people like being buried near their family, which is why it’s good to purchase several plots at once. Take a look at some of the cemeteries in your area with available plots. Check out the landscaping and ensure it’s well taken care of. It’s also important to speak with the cemetery’s owner about their policies. Some cemeteries have certain rules when it comes to headstone sizes and items you can leave on gravesites.

Work with a funeral home

Working with a reputable funeral services provider in Goldsboro, NC will help take a lot of the stress away from pre-planning your funeral. Funeral homes generally offer everything you need in one place. You can choose your coffin, arrange viewings and more without having to visit several different locations. A funeral home will also give you an estimate on funeral costs, allowing you to properly plan.

It’s difficult for some people to plan their own funeral, but doing so helps take the stress away from your loved ones. Pre-planning your funeral also ensures all your final wishes are met.

If you’d like to plan your funeral in advance, contact Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations in Goldsboro, NC today.