Tips for Writing a Beautiful Eulogy

Eulogies are speeches given at a person’s funeral that serve as a moving tribute to the deceased’s life. People want any eulogy they write to reflect how they felt about and experienced their loved one, but these things can be hard to put into words. This is why the perfect eulogy can seem quite difficult to write, especially when it’s about a loved one. There are, however, several tips you can use when writing a eulogy. For example, it’s often good to start by brainstorming ideas, then moving on to an outline. Read on to get more tips on writing the perfect eulogy for your loved one’s funeral in Goldsboro, NC.

Consider your loved one’s wants

You should always consider your deceased loved one’s own wishes when drafting a eulogy. If your loved one was an upbeat person, they may want a lighthearted funeral service. Some people, meanwhile, would prefer their funeral to be an extremely serious affair, and any eulogy you write should be crafted accordingly. You’ll also need to consider whether a religious tone would be appropriate, which might depend largely on the setting.

If you only saw one side of this person, deciding on the tone of the eulogy could be difficult. This is why it’s always a good idea to speak with those closest to your deceased loved one. Everyone has layers, and it’s usually good to demonstrate that during a eulogy.

Brainstorm and outline

An important part of crafting a moving eulogy is brainstorming ideas and creating an outline. When brainstorming, you should think of all the memories you’ve had with your loved one. It might even be a good idea to write them all down, so you don’t forget anything. You likely won’t use all the memories in the final draft of your eulogy, but it’s good to have them written down nearby.

Once you’ve collected all these memories, it’s time to start an outline. Think of eulogy examples you’ve seen online or heard at other Goldsboro, NC funerals. Most of the time, it’s best to include an intro, several anecdotes about your deceased loved one and a moving conclusion. You may even want to include Bible verses or quotes your loved one enjoyed.

Writing the eulogy

Next, you’ll want to put all those ideas you’ve collected into the actual eulogy. Be sure to consider your audience when writing this draft. Decide which memories your loved one’s friends and family would most want to hear. Include details about the impact they’ve had on everyone’s lives. Once you have a good draft, consider setting it aside for a day or two before returning to it.

Don’t overthink

You were chosen to write the eulogy for a reason. Don’t slow yourself down by overthinking every small detail. Writing a moving eulogy takes plenty of time and effort. It may seem hard at times, but you may also find yourself laughing and smiling at your fond memories. It’s good to experience plenty of different emotions when thinking about your deceased loved one, as this will help you craft the perfect eulogy.

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