Five Cremation Myths Debunked

Cremation is becoming a more popular end-of-life solution for people. This is due to several factors including growing religious acceptance, geography and shifting belief systems. Another reason is portability. If someone were to be buried in a standard ground plot and the family moved away, they wouldn’t be able to visit the gravesite very often.

Like anything becoming more prominent, you may have questions. You may wonder, “Can you have a traditional funeral if you choose cremation?” The answer is yes. You may also find yourself asking, “Is it legal to scatter ashes?”

This article will answer that question and more.

Myth: Cremation prevents you from holding a traditional funeral

Can you have a traditional funeral if you choose cremation? The answer is a definitive yes. You actually have more funeral options with cremation, not less. You can hold a traditional funeral service with the urn present in place of the body, or you can have a traditional funeral service with the body present and cremation scheduled to take place afterwards. Your funeral home will work with you to find a viable funeral service solution if you choose cremation.

Myth: It’s illegal to scatter ashes

The answer to the question, “Is it legal to scatter ashes?” is complicated. It’s certainly not illegal to scatter ashes anywhere, nor is it legal to scatter ashes everywhere. The answer lies somewhere in between. You’ll want to check with your state and local government before scattering the ashes of your loved one to ensure that you’re not breaking the law. There are many wonderful places you can legally spread your loved one’s ashes, and finding somewhere that’s meaningful to them can help give you peace of mind and ease the grieving process.

Myth: Cremation is as simple as burning the body with fire

The above myth is simply untrue. Fire is used to create a superheated chamber that causes the body to break down into a mixture of bone fragments and gases. A machine is then used to convert that mixture into ashes. The body is not set on fire in traditional cremation, and there are other methods to break it down that don’t involve fire at all.

Myth: You might end up with the wrong person’s ashes

Funeral homes are bound by strict laws that were created to prevent the wrong person’s ashes from going to the wrong family. These laws not only forbid funeral homes from cremating bodies together, but they also ensure that two people’s cremains don’t even come near each other.

Myth: All major religions are against cremation

While it’s true that Islam and Judaism are against cremation, other major religions have softened their stance. Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, for example, now permit cremation, though they state that burial is still preferred. If you’re not sure whether your religion permits cremation, you can talk to a trusted clergy member about it and get their opinion.

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You can still have a traditional funeral if you choose cremation, and there are many places where it’s legal to scatter your loved one’s ashes. If you’d like to discuss the cremation process, call us at Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations. We’ve been helping families lay their loved ones to rest for 15 years, and we know how much it means to be able to honor their last wishes and help everyone begin to heal together.