Ideas to Celebrate a Loved One’s Life

If you’re experiencing the loss of a loved one’s life, you’re likely thinking about ways to honor this person that seem fitting. It can be challenging, as you have budget and logistical constraints to consider, but there are many ideas for memorializing loved ones out there, and you can find one that will work for your situation.

If you’re looking at honoring a loved one on the anniversary of their death or simply celebrating your time with them, then read on.

Visit their final resting place

This is a traditional suggestion that can bring your family closer together. While it may be difficult to schedule everyone to come at the same time, visiting a gravesite together can be a valuable grieving experience. Some people like to bring along flowers or a memento to lay near the headstone. Others invest in a memorial bench to visit, either on their own or with other family members.

Do something you enjoyed together

Participating in a hobby or activity that your family member loved doing can be a way to remember their spirit. For example, maybe you’ll bake your mother’s holiday cookies or go to a game featuring your dad’s favorite baseball team. This is an enriching way to honor your loved one’s memory and recall the good times you enjoyed together.

Commission a portrait

You likely have plenty of photographs in frames around your house, but commissioning a portrait recalls simpler times and may offer a different side to remember your special person by. A portrait can capture more of their personality and be a featured element in your home. This can become a treasured family heirloom that can be passed down over generations.

Have a memorial ceremony

Many people find it comforting to have a memorial ceremony honoring the person’s life. Releasing balloons, doves or butterflies signifies sending off your loved one’s soul into the next life. Whatever you choose to do, it’s about more than releasing an object; it’s about releasing your grief and allowing you to feel joy again.

Look through photo albums

One of the most enjoyable ways to honor a life is to gather family and friends around to look through an old photo album. Whether it’s remembering a wedding day or the birth of a child, you can look back at the good times together. You can even collect photos from others who knew them to start a whole new collection.

Wear customized jewelry

This is a very personalized tribute idea. Find unique jewelry, and have the name and dates of your loved one engraved on it. You can do this with any kind of jewelry, including rings, bracelets and necklaces.

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