A Brief History of Funerals

Funerals seem like they have been around from the beginning, don’t they? Attending a funeral is not something that most people want to spend a lot of time thinking about. However, some logistics go behind a funeral, and it can be interesting to learn why funerals are set up the way they are. 

How Did Funerals Originate? 

Funerals have been around since the earliest periods of recorded human history. They have differed in terms of how they honor the departed and the specific rituals, but the funerals themselves have always happened. They give the grieving a chance to pay homage to those who have passed on, and it gives us all a few moments to think about the passage of time on Earth and about our own lives.

There are three things that have always happened throughout all the civilizations that have honored their dead. Those things are: 

  • A proper burial of the deceased
  • A special and sacred place to leave their remains
  • A memorialization process that honors what they did while they were on Earth

There are often songs sung, stories told, and other rituals that we have all come to know as part of what happens when someone passes on. The tradition has not differed as much as some people might think, and it is nice to know that funerals remain a fundamental part of what people do when they want to memorialize the departed. 

What Is The Purpose of a Funeral? 

A grieving process begins when a loved one has passed on. Sometimes, the shock of losing that person takes some time to sink in. A funeral is a way to mark the departure of a person from Earth. It is also a ceremony that many take as a great way of honoring the person laid to rest. They see it as something that we can all do to pay our common respects to someone who is no longer with us. 

It is challenging to put on a funeral, and there is almost always a lot of sadness that goes along with it. However, it is something that most people feel compelled to do to show they truly care. Funerals give a chance for people to come together and show respect for someone that they all cared about. This ritual will continue as it has now become an ingrained part of what humans do.