Shipping 101

Moving a dead body is not something that one can just do without going through various steps to be in compliance with the law. It turns out that you can’t simply arrange for the transportation of a dead body via an airline on your own. You will have to work with a funeral director to make sure they can coordinate with the airline to allow for you to get a body transported to where it needs to go. 

How Are Bodies Shipped for Burial? 

You can choose how you would like to transport a body for burial. The most affordable way to do so is to drive the body, but that is not always practical or possible. If you are to have the body flown, you should expect to pay considerably more for this service, but you can also rest assured that the remains of your loved one will arrive where they need to be in time. You just have to decide based on practicality and expense which way you are going to go about things.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship for Burial? 

The cost of shipping for burial is something that you will need to think about as well. It is challenging to think about something like this when you are actively in the process of mourning your loved one, but you need to do so in order to make the right decisions about how you are taking care of the burial process. 

Here at Evergreen Memorial Service, we work with our clients to try to provide them with as many discounts as possible. We certainly do NOT want to add extra financial burden on them at a time like this. We understand that the toll of losing a loved one is challenging enough as it is. On top of that, the average cost of transportation of the remains ranges from $1,500 to $15,000 depending on various factors. We want to help people out wherever we can to keep their costs to a minimum and try to provide them with the services that they need at a price they can afford. 

We want everyone who comes to us in their time of need to feel that we treated them fairly and with compassion. Otherwise, we won’t be doing our job and we won’t be worthy of the business that we generate. We always want to strive to earn the respect of the people that we work with, and that is why we go out of our way to make sure they know that we care about their needs and concerns at all times. It is our simple way of showing that we care and that we want to provide the best possible service for people at all times. 

You can certainly choose other options if you wish, but we feel that our service is a lot more compassionate than what you will get from other providers. Don’t take that for granted, and make sure you choose us for your needs at this time.