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Five Cremation Myths Debunked

Cremation is becoming a more popular end-of-life solution for people. This is due to several factors including growing religious acceptance, geography and shifting belief systems. Another reason is portability. If someone were to be buried in a standard ground plot and the family moved away, they wouldn’t be able to visit the gravesite very often. […]

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Five Things to Do with Cremated Ashes

More and more Americans are choosing cremation instead of traditional graveside burials. Cost is one driving factor behind the shift in attitude toward cremation, as traditional funeral costs continue to climb. If your loved one has chosen to be cremated, here are five creative options for honoring their cremated ashes. Interment in a cremation niche […]

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What Is a Cremation Niche?

Deciding what to do with your own or a loved one’s remains is rarely a happy subject, but knowing what you want can spare you a great deal of time and grief during an already stressful period. When you’re considering burial options, you may want to consider cremation and a cremation niche in Goldsboro, NC. […]

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