Cemetery Services in Goldsboro, NC

As one of the only funeral locations in North Carolina to operate a private cemetery, Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations provides a convenient solution to selecting a burial plot and choosing a grave marker. We offer complete cemetery services to residents of Goldsboro, Mar-Mac, and Elroy, NC and surrounding areas, to make the process of interring a loved one as simple as possible.

Perpetual Care Cemetery

Our cemetery is a perpetual care cemetery, which means we’re constantly caring for it. We take the time to ensure every blade of grass is trimmed and cared for, to set the scene for a beautiful final resting place for your loved one. If you choose a plot at Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, expect it to be a picturesque final resting place that honors the memory of your loved one, and the legacy of every person buried here.

Interment Options

Not every cemetery offers options for internment beyond a traditional burial. At our cemetery, we offer opportunities for traditional burial and cremation, including a mausoleum or columbarium. Whether your loved one chooses a traditional casket burial or wants their legacy to live on in an urb behind a mausoleum, we provide options in accordance with their last wishes. We’re also happy to honor non-traditional interment requests within reason and legal standards.

Complete Cemetery Services

Need help selecting a plot? Have questions about proper interment for a military service veteran? Questions about grave markers and monuments? We’ll be happy to answer them all and provide you with information that puts your mind at ease. When it comes time to lay your loved one to rest, everything will be taken care of and you’ll be able to focus on what matters: saying goodbye.

An Everlasting Resting Place

Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations is proud to offer complete cemetery services in Goldsboro, NC that serves as the final resting place for your loved one. To learn more about plots, pre-planning services, granite monuments, and interment options, please contact us today at 919-739-0077.