Funeral Pre-Planning in Goldsboro, NC

A funeral is the chance to remember someone’s life and legacy, and to bid them a fond farewell one last time. It can be difficult to grieve and say goodbye when you’re focused on the many details of planning a memorial. This is why so many people choose funeral pre-planning services. At Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations, we work with individuals to pre-plan funeral accommodations, so there are no decisions to make when the day finally comes.

Whether you’re simply being proactive or are being realistic about your final days, pre-planning services can be a way to take the weight off of your family’s shoulders and to make sure your final wishes are clear and specified.

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What is Funeral Pre-Planning?

During funeral pre-planning services, you’ll meet with a director to go over all of the decisions and details associated with your funeral and last wishes. This can be as simple as writing down your wish to be cremated or as complex as choosing a casket, burial plot, grave marker and pre-paying for these things.

Our goal is to help you reach a level of readiness that takes the stress off of your family after your passing and ensures there aren’t any unanswered questions. Some of the items we focus on include:

  • Type of service and location of the funeral, memorial or visitation
  • Casket or urn selection, as well as grave plot or mausoleum
  • Specifications about any memorial service details
  • Discussion about special honors, such as for military service veterans
  • A discussion of cost, payment and other financial considerations

During the pre-planning services, our considerate staff will be on-hand to answer any questions you or your family may have. Let us help you reach total peace of mind and take the burden off of your family to plan after your passing.

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Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations takes the uncertainty out of funeral planning. By offering Goldsboro, Mar-Mac, and Elroy, NC pre-planning services, we’re able to guide you through the decision-making process so that everything is taken care of well in advance. Contact us today at 919-739-0077 to schedule a consultation on planning, funeral accessories, funeral services, and more.