Funeral Services in Goldsboro, NC

Funeral services are often the final chance many people have to say goodbye to the physical presence of their family member or friend. Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations helps cement the importance of this moment by providing your loved one with the funeral services or military honors they deserve. From religious to secular, simple to ostentatious, private or public, we’ll make sure the moment is right. We can host special considerations like military funeral services at our facilities in Goldsboro, NC, at your church or at any secular building in the area.

At Our Home

Let us prepare our home to recognize the last wishes of your loved one. We have spacious areas for final viewings, as well as areas where visitors can mingle to pay further respects to friends and family. One of our compassionate directors will oversee everything you need and make sure your wishes are attended to. We strive to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that inspires fond memories and smiles as part of the grieving process.

At Your Church

Our directors are licensed by the State of North Carolina, which means we can direct a funeral anywhere within the State or make arrangements anywhere in the United States. If your loved one was part of a local congregation, we’re more than capable of coming to your church to oversee their final wishes. Let us provide funeral services in an environment that’s meaningful and special to your loved one or your family. We respect all faiths and houses of worship.

At Secular Facilities

While most funerals are arranged at a church or funeral parlor, we’re able to adapt arrangements to any secular building that may be of significance to your loved one or family. This includes community building, school or a college auditorium, fire department, family residence or public cemetery in Goldsboro, Mar-Mac, or Elroy, NC or surrounding areas. We’re capable of hosting public or private funeral services, as well as services with special consideration, such as military funeral services and military honors for veterans.

Say Goodbye in the Right Setting

At Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations, our directors work hard to make sure your loved one’s funeral is everything it needs to be to send them off right. Contact us today at 919-739-0077 to discuss options and to work with us to customize the details of our cemetery or pre-planning services. Let us help you say goodbye the right way, in the right setting.