Granite Monuments in Goldsboro, NC

There are a variety of choices to make when the time comes to immortalize the final resting place of your loved one. Let Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations help you make a decision about how to honor them that fits with their last wishes, be they burial or cremation. From granite monuments to beautiful, unique urns, we offer Goldsboro, NC and surrounding area residents the funeral accessories they need to inter their loved one the right way—in a meaningful way.

Custom Granite Monuments

Granite is a strong, beautiful material that can withstand age and weathering, to remind people of the person it represents decades after they’re laid to rest. Granite monuments are a traditional option for grave makers and one that’s highly customizable to ensure it represents your loved one properly.

In addition to classic white and grey options, we also offer several shades of red or pink granite, in a variety of styles. Black granite is also available. Monuments are completely customizable, with symbols, literary quotes, scripture text from the Bible or actual photographs.

Urns and Niches

If your loved one has chosen cremation, we’re happy to offer you a great selection of urns and niches. From simple, traditional urns and niches to those with ornamental flair and unique tooling, we offer the best selection of urns in Goldsboro, Mar-Mac, and Elroy, NC and surrounding areas. We can also provide you with a Columbarium to house the urn, for a traditional option to interred cremations.

We also offer mausoleum plots, available at our cemetery.

Interment According to Your Wishes

Evergreen Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremations respects the last wishes of your loved one by honoring them with a grave marker or urn that immortalizes their legacy. To discuss memorialization options and our funeral accessories, please contact us today at 919-739-0077. We’ll be glad to discuss granite monuments and urns with you, to help you understand your options for funeral accessories, funeral services, and cemetery services.